1. Our Greenhouse kits were designed and developed by Andy Alberti and Frank Maurizio, after carefully surveying the available kits on the market. Our designs are in two different styles, SLANT AND STRAIGHT. Both styles can be used in tight spaces for a greenhouse, storage shed, chicken coop, playhouse etc.

  A. The straight design kit frame is quick and simple to assemble.  It is shipped partially assembled ready for your finishing touches.

  B. The slant design kit frame is precut to specifications and is shipped in one bundle. Simply follow the easy to assemble instructions and you have the beginnings of your food incubator.

2. Our Greenhouse kits can be assembled in 5 to 8 hours by just two people. They are portable and can be disassembled if needed.

3. You will need only a few simple tools to assemble our designs. An Electric screw driver, tape measure, level and an adjustable wrench among them.

4. Our packaging allows you, the buyer, to start small and expand to a larger building as needed.

5. The kits are shipped on pallets and can be loaded in to the back of a pickup or trailer.

6. The building frames are sold in 4 x 8 sections to keep shipping costs down and unit costs low.

7. Additional accessories are available to complete your installation.

Slant building

Straight building

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Straight building views