BACK                      FIREWOOD isn't the only thing that can get burned
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With winter weather arriving you may want to purchase firewood by the cord.  It will help to plan a bit ahead to be sure you get what you pay for. Be sure to confirm the size of a cord of wood with the seller. Also confirm the wood is seasoned and ready to burn upon delivery.
A cord of wood, tightly stacked measures 4' X 4' X  8' or 128 cubic feet if you se different dimensions. To be sure you get what you pay for it would be a good idea to have a wood bin constructed to these dimensions or have on hand a piece of plywood or similar material 4 X 8 that can be used to measure against.
          Always let the delivery person stack the wood.

Beware, if the dealer states the wood has been thrown in the back of a pickup and that it is almost or should be a cord of wood, the wood won't be the only thing getting burned. A typical full size pickup will safely hold ½ cord.
If you ordered and paid for a cord (128 cu ft), it should stack to the dimension sold prior to leaving the dealer's yard. Because firewood can gain or lose up to 10 percent of the measurement each time it is stacked, the first time the wood is stacked is usually considered the true measurement for sale.