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A WATER HEATER BLANKET IS EASY TO INSTALL and while you're at it, put some insulation on the hot water outlet plumbing.

YOUR CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING AND FORCED AIR UNIT RUNs CONSTANTLY.   Many parts such as the heat exchanger above the furnace and air air distribution ducting are taped and sealed with, of all things, duct tape during installation.  As the system ages, areas that were taped lose their stickiness and the tape pulls away from the surface.  Leaks begin and now you should be buying stock in VALLEY ELECTRIC and The Gas Company. Unless, that is, you turn on the furnace fan and check everywhere for air leaks. Then re-tape them. I like to use the foil tape because its very sticky and has worked well for me in the past. Also don't forget to seal all the leaks around the forced air uit as well. When you're done you can trade in your energy stock for the company that makes tape.  AND CHANGE THE FURNACE  FILTER.  Don't even think of leaving the filter out because it prevents dirt buildup in the furnace which reduces efficiency and costs money.

Windows that are in older homes tend to leak dramatically when its windy and that's when you need heating and cooling to be at its best. In colder climates they use storm windows but they are a pain to install and we don't see them in southern Nevada or California. I have only seen this solution in one homeowners house. They cut plexiglass to fit the inside of the window and glued flexible magnetic strips around the perimiter of the plexiglass so that when it was placed against the inside of the window frame, it stuck there. They stayed in place even during the Santa Ana winds. If your frames are not magnetic you might try using Velcro or some other suitable material. The beauty of this system is that plexiglass does not transfer heat well, is relatively light weight and will not cut you if broken.

 $12.00                                             FURNACE Cost  $7.00  to $14.00                           NO COST ESTIMATE but is inexpensive