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Members of Oasis Writers' Guild made a guest appearance in June 2005 on the "Breakfast with Andy & Bernie Show," at beautiful Terrible Herbst Lakeside Casino and resort in Pahrump, NV.
Oasis on TV!

Robin Flinchum (center), President of the Oasis Writers' Guild, with Andy Alberti (left) and Co-Host, Bernie.  Robin introduced the guild, its members, and its purpose as an organization of talented writer/members who publish their works in The Pseudonym, as well as individual writings of their own.  She also spoke about her professional career in journalism as the official Death Valley reporter for the Pahrump Valley Times, as well as her historical and biographical writings about the women in Nevada.
George A. Strickland, aka Cornbread Amos, member of the Oasis Writers, with Andy.  George is a country-cowboy poet/songwriter, and playright.  He treated the audience to several entertaining poems about horses and mishaps with a country theme.  He also discussed his current country cowboy radio play, which featured members of the guild performing all parts.  The play can be heard on the "Half an Imagination Hour" hosted by Bill Lopez, courtesy of internet radio of Pahrump.  "One Road in Texas" is a witty musical comedy which everyone is sure to enjoy.
Cornbread Amos is still talking and energetically promoting his guild play on CD.  The audience is still laughing in disbelief.  Andy is a New Yorker who has never heard nor experienced such raw country... uh... well... talent.  Andy always thought "crackers" came from a box, until he heard Cornbread Amos who was out of the box and loose on deck!
Judy Brooks-Strickland, Secretary of Oasis Writers, with Andy.  Judy recited a fun poem about making a "Styrofoam Pie," as if it could be done.  Her humor added to the morning and though she will not readily admit it, she is married to Cornbread Amos.  Judy invited anyone interested to present their poetry or creative writings at the public even hosted by the Pahrump Community Library on June 10, 2005.  She hopes everyone in the valley will enjoy poetry and storytelling as much as the members of the Oasis Writers' Guild.


                     $ $ $ $ $
Way to go, Paschal!  At the regular meeting on Feb 2, 2005, Paschal read a letter he received from his publisher with a royalty check included, his share resulting from the sale of 36,000 copies of his historical-fiction, "Child of Grace."  How much was Paschal paid?  Well, let's just say, if he had to pay for the production cost of our semi-annual edition of The Pseudonym, our treasury would be in the black for more than 164 years!  Congratulations to Paschal from all your fellow guildlings!

Long time member, Paschal Ryan, was recently invited to attend the annual bash of the American Society of Poets (held this year in Reno), where he was awarded this bust of The Immortal Bard for his works.  Along with the bust went a cash remuneration, which we won't mention here in case this page is reviewed by employees of the IRS.  Way to go, Paschal!

     Who We Are
The Oasis Writers' Guild is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation originally organized to benefit writers in the Pahrump, NV, area.  Our membership has grown through the Internet and we now have associates from all over the world.  Regular members meet to read and discuss our work  monthly. You don't have to be present at a meeting to participate.  

   What do we do?
At each meeting of the Oasis Writers' Guild, we draw a story prompt from a coffee can containing prompts contributed by all members.  During the next two weeks, we write a story of 500-1,000 words using that prompt and read it at the next meeting.  Associate members can participate by finding the prompt online and submitting your story by email.  We also discuss any business items.

What if I don't write a coffee can story?
The prompts are just a way to get your creative juices flowing.  If you have another project you are working on, you can email it two weeks in advance so our members can review it before the meeting.

What's the point of writing coffee can stories?
We have found an assignment with a deadline will get you writing like nothing else can.  Every bit of writing you do improves your craft.  Some of our writers have found the road to paid publication paved by a coffee can story!

What if I've never written before?
We welcome writers at all levels.  Our primary purpose is to encourage one another to write and to learn and refine our craft as we go.