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 Coffee-can Topics are a monthly contest with a prize of $5.00 to the best  story.  Members only

The topics below are reference only so you can see past topics. We do not have the stories.

May 18, 2005   A piece of gossip sets tongues wagging--what are the consequences?

May 4, 2005   Butterflies the size of dinner plates flapped slowly past, towing the electric clouds behind them.

Apr 20, 2005   Write a short story with a main character whose life is changed by a piece of gossip.

Mar 16, 2005   A hit man/woman falls in love with his/her target.

Feb 16, 2005    You write a note, put it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean.  Where does it end and what happens?

Feb 2, 2005   You see an ad of a two-man saw for sale.  Write a story about the people who have used it.

Jan 19, 2005
The starter is: 'I remember that song'; the scene: 'in a police station'; and a word you have to use in the story: 'zipper'.

Jan 5, 2004   'Where did everyone go? Charlie knew.'

Dec 15, 2004   A man/woman, frustrated over the end of an affair, decides to date his/her former lover's best friend.

Dec 1, 2004   Your story should include: a pickup truck; lipstick; a silver earring.

Nov 17, 2004   A punk extortionist terrorizes a small business owner.

Oct 20, 2004
'Finally she had met Mr. Perfect. What could go wrong?'

Oct 6, 2004   Write a riveting tale that takes place within the confines of one hour.

Sep 15, 2004   As the moon rose over the treetops, the shadows of the jungle receded farther into the gloom from which they had come.

Sep 1, 2004   Your next story will open with: "Oh quit worrying. If fish had feet, they'd be mice."

Aug 18, 2004   Write a story around this prompt:  'A funny thing happened on my way to the (blank).'

Aug 4, 2004   Write a short-short story of less than 600 words.  You cannot use words of less than three letters!

July 21, 2004
Use the words: disclose, fatten, hackle, irksome, and sphenoid in your story.

July 7, 2004   Write a story about a character who is granted three wishes.

June 16, 2004   My first sighting of (blank) was as it leaped across the road."

June 2, 2004   "If someone had wanted me dead he would have missed a good chance when...

May 19, 2004   Within your short story, create a powerful scene without using any dialogue.

May 5, 2004   Write about a week in December without using the words 'December, snow, or holiday.'

April 21, 2004
Just beyond the ridge, workers were shoveling gravel into a trench.

April 7, 2004   Accidents don't just happen. But I was a willing victim.

Mar 17, 2004   Start your story with, "They were sent from the gates...

Mar 3, 2004   She was confident they would not overtake her.

Feb 18, 2004   A divorced mother of two boys fights for child support payments.

Feb 4, 2004   'If you could live the life of a fictional movie personality, who would it be? Why?'

1/21/2004   'What happened? As my heart skipped a beat I realized I couldn't get_____'.

1/07/2004   You open a package of M&M's and get the surprise of your life.

12/17/03   You are cleaning out your grandfather's closet. You find an old shoe of his. Tell a story about it.

12/03/2003   It's morning, sleepyhead, time to get up. Remember today we have to ....

11/19/2003   Dear Sir:  I received your rejection letter today and....

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