The Last Free American Town

Everything around you from local government on up to the nations capitol, Washington D. C., screams corruption.

And you live in Nye county, where the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, L A Times and others agree.

Nye County tops the list. There is one thing left, The people react and take a stand. Here, in Nye, it begins..

Did you wake up this  morning to learn

There are words you cannot speak,

 That your money in the bank is not yours,

      Your vote doesn’t count and,

Your assets belong to someone else?

Will you wake up tomorrow morning to learn

You can no longer keep and bear arms,

Your travel has been restricted,

      The Constitution as you know it is dead and,

History has been re-written,

We will prevent this from happening

       Pahrump is the Last Free American Town

                and freedoms safest place

Stage 1