The Last Free American Town

Everything around you from local government on up to the nations capitol, Washington D. C., screams corruption.

And you live in Nye county, where the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, L A Times and others agree.

Nye County tops the list. There is one thing left, The people react and take a stand. Here, in Nye, it begins..

Did you wake up this morning to learn


There are words you cannot speak…All lives matter, colored person, f**k, see even we can’t write or say it. Not only can’t we say it there are other words that cannot be seen. As an example in the story, Huckleberry Finn, his friend is referred to as nigger. When you read the book it doesn’t seem to reflect a negative connotation. They were friends. Yet in our local school a poster in the high school English class refers to the dangers of restricted speech. No exceptions.

Not only can’t you speak certain words, certain groups are elevated to receive special considerations while others, in violation of all men are created equal, are relegated to second class citizens. Books are banned, their contents are rewritten to conform to artificial guidelines demanded by small minorities.

The publics expectation of “Justice is blind” reflecting fair and equal treatment in the justice system turns out to be false and an elite group is created that looks after their own. Ohh, there is so much more.

That your money in the bank is not yoursYou put your money in the bank. One day it is seized by the government and poof, it’s gone. You learn too late that once your money goes in the bank they are free to invest it as they see ffit. It is now in their possession and has become their money and you have actually loaned it to them. Along comes government claiming you owe money. What has become the banks money is now determined to have actually been your money all the time and they have taken it all.  The bank has surrendered your money without due process, a court order. Didn’t you give the bank your money, trusting it to their care, believing it was in secure hands?

Your bank urges you to store valuables in their safety deposit boxes. You die and they give up your valuables to some government bureaucrat who informs you he cannot disclose what was in the box. Say goodbye to those assets and maybe some family heirlooms.

Your vote doesn’t count…You registered to vote. The list isn’t accurate. No one will fix it. They let you vote anyway and the clerk lets it slip that it won’t count anyway.

As a registered voter you sign up to run for political office. After the vote count you wind up with zero votes. Maybe your spouse didn’t vote for you but certainly you must have. After complaining the numbers magically change and you actually go some votes. You still lost so what’s the difference. A recount is just a replay of the election and you cannot verify the voted list.